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Douglas ThayerDouglas Thayer Woodworking & Design, located in the hills of Western MA, offers unique hand built benches and tables made to heirloom standards.

Douglas Thayer Woodworking & Design has a long standing commitment to socially responsible production and conscientious design. Thayer incorporates reclaimed and local woods with natural concrete and metal. From salvaging wood used for pickling and wine making in South Deerfield, MA, to most recently developing a line of furniture from the IPE lumber that lined the Coney Island Boardwalk in Brooklyn, NY, Thayer is as creative and careful with material sourcing as he is with designing and building.

Thayer is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Woodworking Program and a native of Northern New Hampshire. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. He regularly participates in both Craft and Design showcases, including the annual ACC Craft Show in Maryland, as well as the International Contemporary Furniture Fair and Architectural Digest Show in New York City.

Thayer is an enthusiastic collector of vintage machinery, snowmobiles, and Ford trucks. His family and their dog Lucy live in Florence, MA.

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